AnC Bio brings 450 bio-tech jobs to Newport City

AnC Bio Vermont plans to build a plant in Newport City, a move that will create up to 450 bio-tech jobs.

AnC Bio Vermont is a subsidiary of AnC Bio in South Korea. Work at the facility will involve research and manufacture of heart-lung machines and portable dialysis machines and cell-culturing for heart therapy.

Bill Stenger, one of the partners developing the plant, said the project recently cleared a hurdle with approval for a permit from the District 7 Environmental Commission. In an article that appeared in The Caledonian Record, he said a ground-breaking will be planned for October and should be completed in 14 months.

The facility is expected to cost $70 million and encompass 84,934 square feet. The four-story building will contain and operate clean rooms for research, which are expected to attract scientists from across the Northeast and eastern Canada.

Stenger said the next phase is to begin recruiting and training employees, from scientists to technicians and maintenance operators.

Source: The Caledonian Record

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