Cabot Hoisery hiring hundreds in Vermont

NORTHFIELD, Vt. – International sock producer Cabot Hoisery will double in size and employees within the next two to four years, according to the company’s president, Ric Cabot.

What began as a small family business in 1978 has become one of the leading sock producers in the world and continues to expand, Cabot said in an interview with WCAX, News Channel 3, in Vermont.

The company has outlets in Japan, London, Canada and beyond but was established in Vermont where Cabot said it will remain headquartered. Nothfield, he said in the interview, is the “sock capitol of the world.”

A main reason for the company’s expansion is the rising increase in demand for it’s most popular product, the “Darn Tough” sock, which allegedly got its name from Cabot Hoisery’s founder, Cabot’s grandfather, who mentioned that it was “darn tough” to make a hole in the sock.

Cabot also attributes the company’s growth to assistance from the state through the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive, or VEGI, program. The program rewards companies that demonstrate growth through the use of free market principals including the distribution of fair and unbiased compensation packages.

Cabot Hoisery currently employs 188 workers but is expected to hire 250 within the next few years.


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